Volcano island, single channel video performance, 4:54, 2013

exhibited at 107 Project Space during the Museum of Contemporary Art Staff Show 2013




‘So you wanna be a Penny Fiddler’ is an interactive performance project by Kate Brown. Over three residencies in Sydney, Newcastle and Albury, Kate has invited members of the public to come into the studio and create their ultimate b grade music video for the project. The aim of this project is to unpack ideas surrounding the rise of talent shows on television and to play with the essence of what is good and bad in this context. Kate has worked as devisor, director and producer while collaborating with members of the public to create their own mock music/performance video.

On a larger scale Kate is interested in exploring ideas surrounding excessive behaviours, ritual, magic and mass persuasion and communication while reflectively analysing the rise of this endemic; the talent show.

An exhibition at The Lock Up Cultural Centre, 90 Hunter Street Newcastle will be held from 26th April- 12th May 2013. This exhibit will display a compilation of the performance videos collected thus far. These videos will be incorporated and displayed later as a larger scale public live performance.



The NOW now Group Show

Featuring sound informed works by
-MATT CHAUMONT (melbourne) “Low Frequency Sculpture”
-SAMUEL BRUCE “Interactive Synthesizer”
-IAN ANDREWS “Floor Sculpture”, Speakers and Wire
-ROSITA HOLMES “Untitled” from “Breath Stroke’ series, Mixed Media, Masonite, Found Images
-LUKE FOWLER “Grammar For Listening” Curated by OTHERFILM
-KATE BROWN “Landscape Line Drawing” Single Channel Video

Opening Wednesday 9th January 6pm

Gallery open 1-5pm January 10-13

SNO Level 1/175 Marrickville Rd



Landscape line drawing is a part of a series of experimental video works which explore the idea of landscape in a wider context. This work in particular plays with the relationship between video and physical mark making. The lines drawn come in and out of focus, leaving open the beginning and end of a space. With natural, placed and urban elements captured in the frame you can see horizontal and vertical landscapes forming momentarily and permanently, side by side.

Documentation images accompanied by sound created by Kate Brown.

Performed by Kate Brown, Paulo Morrison, Georgia Matters, Robin Hungerford, captial i, freshly squeezed collaboration, 2012


Kate Brown, Contraption Molecular, excerpt from 3 minute stop motion animation, 2010

kate brown, flight over hollywood, excerpt from 5 minute video, 2009



THE COMPANY OF STRANGERS is an experiential endurance installation or happening where the artists in residence orchestrate an interactive dance performance with live elements and improvised dance as a celebration of the intimacy of human behaviour. Live online elements such as youtube and evolving online documentation will take place during pre-booked and walk in style performative interactions with the artists.

People are invited to make bookings with the artists for a documented one on one or group interaction with popular songs, moves and a chance for the local community young and old to experience, participate and interpret artistic practice as a process. Both artists studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Western Sydney and Honours at Sydney College of the Arts where they became heavily involved in video and performance practices. This is their first collaborative work where they will meet half way between Melbourne and Sydney to Griffith – where both artists were born. 


Kate Brown with Pact Ensemble 2011, Beguiled, interactive performance installation, 2011

We share a universal drive to believe in the potential of magic, a desire to explain the inexplicable, to overcome the impossible, to achieve our destiny. This desire is our companion. It has traveled through time with us and continually shapes our lives. A performance installation and experience created by the PACT Ensemble 2011.
Created and performed by Taryn Brine, Kate Brown, Madison Chippendale, Cameron Ellis, Sam Koh, Annabelle McMillan, Lucille Jana Lehr, Tanya Thaweeskulcha, Emma White and Amber Wilcox.
Directed by Cat Jones and Julie Vulcan with sound design and composition by Melissa Hunt and lighting design by Emma Lockhart Wilson.


Kate Brown, Clock Head, mixed materials, 2008



Kate Brown, Latex Suit, latex, balloons, nylon thread, 2009